Padlets & Other Resources

Making Sense of Mathematics
The Series – The Workshops

This padlet has a variety of resources used for any of the Making Sense of Math Series or Workshops.
It provides participants with all the tools needed for creating lessons and assessments that allow students to show proficiency of math not only with right answers but through problem solving, modeling, and communicating & reasoning.
Turning Teaching Math
Upside Down!

This padlet has an extensive amount of resources for teachers. From rich tasks, to number talks, math puzzles, games, videos, and more.
Strategies to build
understanding in Mathematics

This padlet has some of strategies that build understanding in mathematics.
Starting from CONCRETE manipulative that allow students to explore and make sense, moving into PICTORIAL strategies where students make connections between strategies, and finally moving into more abstract strategies once they grasp the concepts and skills.

Building Fluency
Math Facts

Fluency is not a simple idea. Being fluent means that students are able to choose flexibly among methods and strategies to solve contextual and mathematical problems, they understand and are able to explain their approaches, and they are able to produce accurate answers efficiently. Fluency builds from initial exploration and discussion of number concepts to using informal reasoning strategies based on meaning and properties of the operations. (NCTM 2014, 42)
Home links For Families
This is a padlet with resources for parents. Feel free to share with the parent community at your school. If you have any other resources for parents, please let me know, as I have not updated it for quite some time.
Math Progression of Strategies
This resource has images to illustrate the many strategies that can be used in the classroom to build conceptual understanding. It shows how an algorithm is not the only strategy that can used to solve a problem, therefore it should not be the only strategy taught in class. This resource was compiled by the 2023 MYIS Math Committee.

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