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Using a Student Centered Approach to Teaching & Learning

“Shifting the focus of the class from the teacher’s presentation, to students’ discussion of their thinking, can yield powerful results in terms of depth of learning, lasting learning, and student attitudes.” 

-Cathy L. Seeley

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Teaching and Learning Through Problem Solving

Teaching and learning mathematics today looks very different than the way it was 20 or even 10 years ago. In the past, teachers used the “I Do-You Do” approach to teaching, where basically they showed students how to solve a problem, making sure to follow specific steps and rules, and students were expected to copy…

Developing Number Sense in the Early Years

In most movies and TV shows with teenage characters, we see them talk about how hard math class is, or how they are failing math. It is also common to hear them say “I’m not good at math” or “I’m not a math person.” Most scenes show the math teacher writing crazy formulas on the…

Using Apps to Learn Math

Apps could be an amazing tool for learning. Using technology in general is essential in education to prepare our students for their future careers. We need to acknowledge the fact that technology affects the way we work, play, live and learn today.  We can’t pretend smartphones and tablets are not part of our students’ daily…


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